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Our purpose is “Helping you bring the beauty out of wood.” The better we are at our purpose the better able our customers are to make amazing products and live their purpose. Beyond this, our purpose is to be so effective and efficient in making wood components that it is economically and ecologically feasible to harvest and use more wood and therefore grow more trees. We do this by being the company that-

  • Customers, Employees and others are delighted with and want to do business with.
  • Strategically focusing on supporting the Craftsman, “Making it easy for the Craftsman to make enough good parts by the elimination of waste, unevenness and overburden”.
  • Has a culture aligned with the purpose/ doing the right thing, has appropriate work/ life/ family balance, thrives on finding and solving problems/ getting better, and treats people how they want to be treated especially in building their pride of craftsmanship.
Foundational thinking from Dr W. Edwards Deming, Mr. Taiichi Ohno, Mr. Shigeo Shingo

Company Tag Line: “Helping you Bring the Beauty out of Wood”

Quality Statement: “Make it easy for the Operators to make enough good parts through the elimination of waste, unevenness, and overburden”

Image of trim cut by 5 Acre Mill

About Us

5 Acre Mill is committed to lean manufacturing and customer service, with a focus on what is best for the Customer, as well as everyone we work with, by continually finding ways to make improvements in what we do especially by finding ways to reduce variability within the Customer’s operation by improving our products and services.

Image of a custom made wood tree sign showing our craftsmenship.

5 Acre Mill is a leader in the production of hardwood components and Engineered wood components, specializing in Wood Species from the Appalachian Hardwood Growth area, including Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Hard and Soft Maples, Poplar and Basswood. With design facilities and a culture dedicated to problem solving and innovation, wood components can be manufactured from Customer prints, or designed from scratch dependent on Customer specifications.

Cutting boards created by 5 Acre

Wood parts created and drilled using CNC machine

5 Acre Mill is a company based on meeting and exceeding Customer expectations, building trust through commitment, competence, consistency, and collaboration, and ensuring that all products are built to exact Customer quality specifications, providing you with the desired result, every time. This system of belief allows our Customers to rely and depend on us as a trusted supplier, without issue.

5 Acre Mill is continuously learning and improving, adapting to technologies that increase the value of the product while reducing cost and waste, allowing us to provide competitive pricing without sacrificing quality or expedience. We thrive on seeking out and exposing problems, to determine solutions and improvements, not just in our processes, but ourselves, our business relationships, our company, and the community.

Furniture legs created at 5 Acre Mill

We balance the need for stability in unstable times and the need to innovate and challenge the status quo.

An integral part of our work and what we do goes beyond the production of quality hardwood components, it breeds a culture between coworkers, vendors, families and customers of integrity and reliability. We continually invest in the improvement and education of our employees, ensuring that each operator continues to improve, and seek the opportunities to improve, driven by the desire to have pride in their craftsmanship, and the desire to become an expert in their field.

Huge conference table created by 5 Acre mill


5 Acre Mill’s woodworking capabilities are extensive; using computer controlled mills and saws (CNC) as well as more traditional hand tools, 5 Acre Mill can accomodate customer orders from large quantities of thousands of parts per hour to a few parts at a time for customized specialty orders.

The craftsmen and machines at 5 Acre Mill allow for traditional woodworking skills integrated with technology to produce maximum product design, innovation and output to meet and exceed customer expectations.

We work hard toward achieving short lead times, lean manufacturing, tight tolerances, to made-to-order and FSC certified wood components supporting any industry that wants to gain the benefits of wood; applications of which include but are not limited to :

  • Cabinet Doors and Parts
  • Styles and Rails
  • Furniture Parts
  • Store Fixtures
  • Windows and Doors
  • Closets
  • Casket Parts and Components
  • Chair Parts and Components
  • Blanks
  • Squares
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Edge-Glued Panels
  • Butcher Block
  • Millwork
  • Mouldings
  • Upholstered Frame Stock
  • Table Tops (some up to 12' X 5' X 1 3/4") and Bases
  • Wood Countertops
  • Table Nosings
  • Carved signs
Extremely large conference room table created by 5 Acre Mill

Resources and Processes

  • Full range of Woodworking Capabilities
  • Advanced automated product lines.
  • Products range from blanks for later machining to finished sand components.
  • Dimensions in either Standard or Metric.
  • CAD / CAM design and integration.
  • Trusted Supply Lines.
  • Urgent Orders, short turn-around available.
  • Strict Quality Control

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Contact Us

Phone: (419) 542-9363

10860 St RT 2
Hicksville, OH 43526

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Open Positions at 5-Acre Mill

We are looking for people who want to develop themselves and help us delight our customers and grow. We are a woodworking shop, dealing with many beautiful woods- including Walnut, Cherry and Maple. Our shop smells a lot better than most industries, and much better than a stamping plant.

Our benefits and management reflect this commitment to your development as we pay for education upfront, so you that can focus on learning/ growing and applying what you learn here. We include trade schools, industry events, internal training, etc. in our payment for education- not just college. We only work first shift. Further, we provide more generous vacation benefits then typical and a 4% match on your 401k contributions.

Below is a list of our currently available positions. Please click on the Position Description that interests you for more information. If of interest to you, and your development, please stop by, call, email or fill in an on-line application.